I cannot say enough good things about the hiking and yoga retreat experience with Kelsey and her team. The trip far and away exceeded my expectations. All of the hiking excursions were well-planned with just the right amount of challenge and enjoyment, each offering spectacular views and experiences. The yoga was so wonderful. Kelsey is a skilled, motivating and engaging yoga instructor. I loved each of her practices and the aromatherapy workshop. The food was absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend Kelsey’s hiking and yoga retreats enough. My friends and I have already signed up for the next one!
— Kelly B., Asheville Retreat

A thoroughly refreshing and invigorating experience.
— Anna M., Asheville Retreat

Being a part of ‘Compass Hiking and Yoga Retreats’ was more than just a job for me. This is a business I believe in! The positive atmosphere at this company was noticeable at all levels. Working with Kelsey and experiencing her energy and drive inspired me greatly.
— Aleks S., Chef Team

Perfect combination of yoga, hiking and healthy food. Worth every penny and much more. I would definitely do it again! Thank you Kelsey and Lindsey for thinking of every detail and making this a very unique experience.
— Hana and Daniel, Big Sky Retreat
Loved the self-exploration exercise! Really fun and thought provoking
— Lisa G., Big Sky Retreat
Gorgeous hikes! Fun yoga music! Excellent food! Perfect amount of group sharing. Nice balance of time. Amazing house! The best hostess! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Loved all that you are and bring to others!
— Kristin W., Big Sky Retreat
Wonderful retreat! Many many thanks!
— Harold, Big Sky Retreat
The trip was amazing from the house, to the food, to the people, the yoga, hiking, meditation and workshop, even the weather!
— anonymous, Napa Retreat
Lindsey’s food was phenomenal and Kelsey was a great lead. I would love to be a part of another retreat in the future.
— Anonymous, napa retreat
The outdoor yoga practice was incredible! Perfect setting, expert leadership, I never experienced such a balance of outdoor beauty and inner peace! Compass provided an exceptional getaway that provided great yoga, mindful meditation and the best healthy dining experience I ever enjoyed! Kelsey and Lindsey made every minute of the Retreat unforgettable!
— -Anonymous, napa retreat